ATOC 6020:

Boundary-Layer Meteorology

Spring 2014

Fridays 10-11:30am, DUAN D318

Last semester we focused on learning about the model parameterizations used in mesoscale and large-eddy simulation modeling. This semester, we will focus on research more directly. We’ll learn about the larger contexts in which we carry out our investigations (how do proposals and budgets work? how do you ensure you are visible to future employers?), and then learn about the research efforts of the rest of our group members.

January 17: Practicalities as a research scientist in academia: 1) budgets (see Prof-Like Substance and OCG) and 2) the importance of being “visible” (Julie to present)
January 24: More practicalities: write a constructive critical review of a recent paper of interest to our group, Rajewski et al 2013. Follow the guidelines expressed at “A Quick Guide to Writing a Solid Peer Review” by Nicholas and Gordon, EOS 12 July 2011. We will discuss the paper and our reviews/suggestions in class. 
January 31: More practicalities: web visibility. Before Wednesday, prepare or update your personal web page highlighting your research and email the link to classmates and Julie before Wednesday. On Wednesday and Thursday, please review your classmate’s pages, and prepare two constructive suggestions to each of your classmates (and two for Julie) regarding their web pages. We will review sites and discuss comments in class. As explained at, you can use tools like KompoZer, or iWeb (on Mac) and then we will install the pages as part of Julie’s group page. Don’t forget to include a link to your LinkedIn profile. Some examples of other student sites:    
Chris Nunalee 
Bethany Corcoran
Margaret Byron

February 7:  More practicalities: shepherding a paper through the review process. Matt will share the first version of his nacelle lidar observation paper, the reviewers’ comments, and the revised version with his response to the editor. 
February 14: Class cancelled due to travel
February 21: Guest presentation: lidar and wind energy by Aditya Choukulkar
February 28: Time-series analysis: (Joseph to present, based on Terradellas et al. 2005) 
March 7: Discussion of Jacobson et al. 2014 Nature Climate Change with emphasis on planning our own simulations in response
March 14: More practicalities: critical review of the CWEX-13 overview paper that Julie is preparing for submission Methods for calculating fluxes (Julie to present, based on Brief_Intro_Eddy_Covariance.pdf or Foken’s Micrometeorology text)
March 21: Thesis defense practice talk (Matt Aitken) 
March 28: no class, Spring Break
April 4: Research presentation (Brian Vanderwende)
April 11: Research presentation (Clara St. Martin) 
April 18: Research presentation (Paul Quelet)
April 25: Research presentation (Rochelle Worsnop)
May 2: Research presentation (Ryan King)